My 93 Roadster

My 93 Roadster

So I traded in my beloved Civic for way less than it’s worth and got this instead. A 1993 (Mazda) Eunos Roadster…

Eunos-Roadster---2012.04.05---001 Eunos-Roadster---2012.04.05---002 Eunos-Roadster---2012.04.05---003

Apart from getting soaked on the way home because the soft top didn’t fit right (I didn’t put it up properly…) I fell in love almost instantly. Sure it’s a long way from where I want it but it’s fantastic to drive. The first things I did was remove the boot rack, de-chrome everything possible and pick up a styling red hardtop, unfortunately in poor condition but it was cheap!

Eunos-Roadster---2012.05.12---002 Eunos-Roadster---2012.05.12---003 Eunos-Roadster---2012.05.12---001

After that I addressed some of the issues I had with the interior. That wood wheel just had to go, replaced with a Nardi. I also replaced the tatty handbreak and gear gators aswell as picking up a smart matching armrest cover. The Clarion DVD player from my Civic also found a new home but unfortunately I choked while wiring in the new speakers and blew it up fairly quickly… You can also see my pool ball gearknob in these pictures. I’m currently waiting for its replacement but needed to get rid of the temperature sensitive metal one that came with the car.

Eunos-Roadster---2012.06.21---001 Eunos-Roadster---2012.06.21---002 Eunos-Roadster---2012.06.21---003


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